“Consumers will be more likely to buy from your brand if they feel like your brand speaks to them and understands their needs and wants – leverage this through data and personalization.”  
- Lipsa Satpathy, Digital Lead for Technology Driven Marketing, Aditya Birla Group.

Delivering value to your customers through personalization has become a vital incorporation to any e-commerce company’s marketing efforts, and data is the key ingredient used to achieve this. By observing the behavior of your audience and gathering the data to identify their purchasing needs and wants can provide your company with the information that is needed to target the correct audience with accurate and tailored options. This achieves the goal of ideally converting the customer to purchase by precisely serving them with what they are looking for at the moment their need arises.

Lipsa Satpathy, a passionate and driven fitfluencer and a brilliant digital marketer in profession, joined our webinar on the 2nd of September 2021 to share her take on personalization and data in marketing.

She was mentioned in Adobe DIGI100 List of India’s Top 100 Digital Marketers in 2018 and carries great understanding and knowledge through having worked with companies such as the Landmark Group, Phillips, Airtel, Marks & Spencer and many more. With over a decade of experience, coupled with her enthusiasm towards the profession and industry, she has brought valuable insights to the conversation.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • The cutting-edge ways brands are using data and personalization to win
  • Data-centric strategies for stronger and more connected customer experiences
  • New technology that helps with collecting and analyzing data for personalization
  • Emerging opportunities for using data and personalization in marketing
  • Ensuring your team focuses on the right things for data and personalization

See below for the recording of the webinar!

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