In the early days, you see an increase in your sales or sign ups but it all goes away after a few days leading to a higher cost per conversion.

In this blog, we will look at what can cause this to happen and how you can work towards rectifying the issue.

3 reasons why Facebook Ad results start dropping off

If you are using Facebook Ads with some success, you may have seen that it sometimes seems to work initially and then slowly fade away. Here’s why it happens:

You have exhausted the low-hanging fruit

In this case, low-hanging fruits are the ‘quick wins’ or the audience that is easy to convert. The initial set of audience that is aware of your brand or the market that was initially available and actively seeking your products or services, has already viewed your ad and probably engaged with it too.

If they engaged with it, they would not do so again in the near future. Also, others would need more convincing to buy from you compared to competitors and brands they are already aware of.

Your ad frequency is too high

Continuing from the previous point, a major problem with Facebook ads is their frequency. A high frequency is when your ads are viewed too often by the same users. Instead of driving more interest, this actually leads to a drop in interest.

No one wants to be spammed with the same ad often. This eventually leads to drop-offs in your online advertising return on investment (ROI) and leaves you with a smaller audience that can get converted to paying customers.

If you notice that your CTR is dropping significantly, what you can do is try new creative or experiment with different ad types.

Your competitors are poaching your sales

Facebook is a marketer’s paradise. While it’s a platform where businesses and brands can engage with customers in new ways, it's also fraught with challenges for marketers who face competition from other brands who are trying to convert the same audience like them.

When you are running an ad campaign, you will notice higher conversions during the early days. Since your conversion rates indicate that you are successfully targeting or specializing in this audience compared to the others' ads on the platform or that audiences are interested in this topic, product or service, Facebook will start showing ads for businesses that compete with you.

This means that these businesses could actually be stealing sales from you. Due to this, you’re not only seeing a drop off in the results but your costs will also start to spike.

How to solve the Facebook Ad drop off problem

Now that we have addressed the 3 common reasons for eventual poor ad results, here are 4 actionable tips you can implement to solve them:

Tip #1 – Experiment with lots of interests

The first step of any campaign is to target your core audience. These will include location, demographics and interests. While the location and demographics are fairly obvious, audience interests are critical to target different customer groups or personas.

Since audience performances are not sustainable, you will have to launch multiple interests to finding wining interests every week. Experiment with various customer interests while crafting and fine-tuning your Facebook ad campaign. This can result in finding more and more profitable interests for your brand. Use Alavi to find hundreds of interests belonging to your customers to increase the shelf life of your ads and convert more viewers to paying customers.

Tip #2 – Find indirect interests and personalize ads

Target your Facebook Ads with indirect interests for your brand. For example, if you are a sportswear retailer looking to increase sales, target travelers who are also interested in sports activity as they may be more receptive to sports gear.

Similarly, when targeting your ads to audiences with related interests, you can also target people who share similar values. Let’s say your brand makes ethical fashion apparel, you can target groups that have an interest in clothes and sustainability.

Tip #3 – Use data-driven optimization to optimize the ad set before it hits rock bottom

The only way to truly understand what campaign you should be running on Facebook is by coming up with an optimized advertising strategy for your brand. It will ensure that your ad set will not reach the point of exhaustion. It might also save you from wasting money on a losing campaign.

To effectively do this, consider leveraging Alavi’s top-notch optimization feature. Using Alavi's optimization methods, which examine millions of combinations that humans can’t perform and optimize ad sets accordingly, will make your job as a marketer easier and prevent the ad from failing.

Tip #4 – Update your ads often

Most Facebook ads have a short shelf life and the results drop off after a few days. This is because most people do not know how to tweak their Facebook ads to make them profitable. Here are some things you can do to keep ads fresh:

● Audience- Apart from the audience you are targeting, Facebook has a ‘lookalike audience’ feature where they use their algorithm to target audiences who have interests similar to your brand.

● Budget- Try experimenting with different budgets to maximize the ROI.

● Copy- Revamp your copy and try out different call-to-actions (CTAs) to see which one provides more favorable results.

● Design- Since humans tend to favor the information they take in visually, it will be wise to use captivating visuals. Also, if your audiences are seeing the same creatives often, they might get bored. Try to switch up the creatives regularly.


Facebook advertising, like any other advertising medium, has a lot of factors that can influence the results. There are many different reasons why a Facebook ad campaign might start to drop off after a few days.

So, you can’t simply set the ad campaign and forget about it. You need to monitor the results, analyze the data you get from it and tweak the ads often to stay on top of your campaign and get your money’s worth.

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