“Alavi has been our preferred marketing analytics application as it’s significantly contributed to our growth. It offers powerful insights and recommendations that are easy to use, even for small teams or brands with agencies. It initially took time to deliver results but in less than a month Alavi significantly improved our KPIs.”
Marium Ahmad – Marketing and E-commerce Director

Established in 1993, Image is a sophisticated and progressive fashion brand known for putting a modern twist on traditional styles. Operating in an intensely competitive industry, it has distinguished itself by consistently delivering products and experiences that are unique and captivating, such as curated collections based on innovative themes like ‘Monsoon’ and the ‘Garden of Versailles.’

While Image has its own branded ‘brick and mortar’ shops, the company has been very focused on its online store where it offers its entire catalogue to customers around the world. With a fast-growing range of products and collections to market, the company knew it needed to have a consistent and sustainable return on ad spend (RoAS) if it was to meet its ambitious growth targets.

AI is In

When Marium Ahmed, Image’s Marketing and E-commerce Director, first met Zulfiqar Khan, head of SIAR Digital, the brand’s new e-commerce services agency, the issue of RoAS was discussed at length. They concluded that Image needed to be very dynamic and precise with its online audience targeting. This would allow the company to get more repeat business as well as expand its customer base while keeping ad spends in check.

Zulfiqar is a partner of Alavi, an online artificial intelligence (AI) application with a proven record of helping small and medium enterprises (SME) improve their audience selection and grow their revenue. He believed that by adding Alavi to Image’s marketing tech stack, the company would be able to get the results they wanted.

Ready to Launch

The onboarding process for Alavi was simple and SIAR Digital, with help from the application’s success team, started launching campaigns for Image using Alavi’s AI-powered insights. To capitalize on opportunities for repeat business at the bottom of the marketing funnel, Alavi’s ‘Retention’ function was used. While good digital marketers generally know who their loyal customers and big spenders are, the ‘Retain’ function helped Image and SIAR Digital take this a step further by identifying which of these individuals would probably make a purchase in the next 30 days. This information was then used to boost the brand’s remarketing campaigns.

As would be expected, some of Alavi’s automated data science capabilities took a bit of time to fully analyze and understand Image’s visitor and customer data. But once they did, the application’s ‘Optimize’, ‘Engage’ and ‘Expand’ functions kicked in and results were very impressive. For example, to attract new customers at the top of the marketing funnel, Alavi found several counter-intuitive insights, like people whose interests included ‘Looking for a Job’, which had a much higher chance of converting.

A unique feature of Alavi is that it didn’t just identify audiences interested in the type of products Image sold – it identified audiences who were interested in the Image brand. This allowed Image to run more efficient and effective campaigns for both regular and seasonal collections on Facebook and Google.

The Returns They Wanted

By providing productive insights and making it easy for Image and SIAR Digital to launch and optimize Image’s campaigns for new and repeat customers, Alavi has grown the brand’s conversion rates and online sales significantly. In just 3 months Image’s revenue from Facebook increased by 254% and its RoAS increased by 157%. With Alavi delivering new insights every week, Image will continue to build on its strong market position and get the consistent and sustainable returns it wants well into the future.

Use Alavi and Scale Without Fear

Developed for small and medium businesses, Alavi is a martech application that performs predicative analytics on your customers’ behavioural data. By combining AI, machine learning and automation, it helps digital marketers better understand their audiences, improve their targeting, and scale confidently profitably.

Alavi has a proven record of helping brands in a variety industries grow their revenue online. It has a very short time-to-value and is easy to setup and use.

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