Moreover, it is important for brands to be informed on what sustainable e-commerce looks like in practice today. The steps businesses can take to become more sustainable have increased and are changing rapidly because of recent technologies and innovations.

To better understand what sustainability in e-commerce looks like in practice, Alavi hosted a webinar with Myra Qureshi Jahangir, Co-Founder and CEO of the trending cosmetics and skin care brand CoNATURAL.

CoNATURAL is a women-led company that retails natural and organic beauty products online. The brand was launched in 2014 and addresses the growing demand for natural and organic products that match local and regional skin tones and tastes. The brand focuses on sustainable e-commerce practices, eco-friendly ingredients for its products and aims at making society more conscious of the steps businesses and consumers can take to be more environmentally friendly.

Here are a few of the ideas and points discussed during the webinar:

Sustainability is an integral part of CoNATURAL. The Co-Founders of the brand Myra Qureshi and Rema Taseer (who are also sisters!), founded the brand because so many people are unaware of the hazardous and toxic chemicals in many cosmetics, skin care and hair care products. Their goal was to inspire, empower, educate and provide beneficial solutions without using toxic chemicals such as Parabens, Triclosan, Artificial Musks, PPD, Silicones and Sulphates.

In addition to making their products more natural, the Founders also focused on making their business processes sustainable. To ensure sustainable waste management, CoNATURAL steered away from using single-use plastic to package its products and switched to using more eco-friendly packaging solutions like glass and recycled paper packaging. It is also the first beauty and wellness store in Pakistan to install refillable vending machines for beauty, skin care and hair care products. The team is also taking measures to incorporate ‘waterless’ technology into its manufacturing processes to help ease the strain on natural resources like water.

Technology not only helps businesses be more sustainable from an environmental standpoint but also helps businesses be more sustainable from a profitability standpoint. Recognizing this, CoNATURAL ensures its team has a good understanding of the different technologies that can help them work together and use limited resources in a manner that generates sustainable growth. For example, CoNATURAL uses technology to find the right audiences to target online. Marketing applications like are built for online retailers and help them use more of their customer journey data to optimize and expand ad campaigns. By using data to avoid ad spend leaks and target the right consumers, CoNATURAL is building a sustainable business.

Being sustainable can undoubtedly benefit online brands and raise a brand’s awareness among millennials and Gen Z.

To discover more about how your brand can start leveraging sustainability for online growth watch Alavi’s webinar with Myra from CoNATURAL.

What you will learn:

  • Why sustainability is an important part of online growth and building a brand.
  • How to incorporate sustainable practices into your brand’s activities to build brand awareness for growth.
  • Technologies that will help your brand grow online profitably and sustainably.
  • Future trends in sustainability and what brands need to look out for.
  • Actionable insights for online brands seeking to scale sustainably in a competitive environment.
  • What ‘sustainability’ means to online retailers like CoNATURAL.

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