Lessons and Insights for E-commerce Businesses

Mr. Neeraj Bhople is a well-known and respected leader in IT circles for his strong domain expertise, business acumen, and the mentorship he provides to companies & techies. He is also the author of the book “How to kill your b/oss and get away with it,” which was published by Notion Press in 2019 and he has also been bestowed with many industry awards over the years – both at a national and international level.

Over the last 22 years of his career, Neeraj worked for various global telecom service providers before joining Seniority as their Chief Technology Officer. Seniority is a B2C e-commerce company, which is known to be a one-stop shop for senior adults. The brand is known for going above and beyond to provide a holistic experience for senior adults and in addition to the products available on their website, the company started an online senior adult’s club, called “Evergreen club” that helps senior adults navigate the challenges associated with issues like loneliness and companionship.

On 14 May 2021, hosted a webinar with Neeraj Bhople and The webinar was on “How to Successfully Lead Digital Transformation: Lessons and Insights for E-commerce Businesses.”

Through this webinar Neeraj explains the following:

  • The three main areas across which digital transformation can be applied in an e-commerce business:  
    • User experience (UX – all touchpoints including frontend and personalization) 
    • Process and organization optimization 
    • Business collaborations 
  • How digital transformation can be executed across the following areas: 
    • User experience 
      • Simpler/faster buying processes 
      • Personalization based on customer analytics 
      • Headless architecture, omnichannel, and progressive web apps 
      • Augmented reality, visual search and voice technology 
    • Process and organization optimization 
      • Cleaner, faster processes using technology 
      • Ownership driven organization structure 
    • Business collaborations 
      • Private labels 
      • Alternative payment methods 
      • Co-creation with other businesses 
      • Alternate product lines, user communities and social connections 
  • Lessons and challenges in executing digital transformation in an e-commerce business 
  • Advice for leaders executing digital transformation in e-commerce businesses 

See below for a recording of the webinar!

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