As 2020 threw more and more curveballs our way, small and medium businesses around the world had little to no choice but to accept the risk of shifting online. However, making this shift did not mean success was guaranteed right away. In order to distinguish their brand among thousands of others, businesses needed to re-engage with their audience and sort out the logistics of selling online. As a result, the question became: how can a small business adapt, survive, and thrive online?

Swetha Nagasundaram from the Alavi team had the opportunity to speak to Lisa on Freez Clothing’s journey in the online space and the need to constantly reinvent yourself and your brand.  

Lisa Allen started her journey in the fashion industry as a sales rep and then moved on to start her own brand. When she purchased her first brick-and mortar-store in Gymea, New South Wales, in 1993, Freez Clothing was born. She excelled as a business owner, and in the years that followed, she opened three more boutiques in Engadine, Padstow, and Jannali. Lisa also enjoys working closely with small business owners during their production phase and guides them through their business journey as a mentor.

What You Will Learn From This Podcast:

  • Key factors business owners need to consider when moving online
  • How to overcome challenges that come with making this shift
  • The importance of constantly reinventing yourself and your brand to stay ahead of change
  • Advice for small businesses that are looking to start their own e-commerce store

Watch the podcast on-demand below!

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