What is Facebook Pixel, exactly?

It is a small piece of code that marketers can add to their website to track their current Facebook ads and keep them optimized to get the lowest cost, track their conversion rates, and target specific audiences for future campaigns.

But lately, marketers have been reporting an error— many digital marketers have discovered that their Facebook pixels are over-tracking conversions in most cases. The issue is being referred to as a deduplication issue, over-reporting, over-tracking, or double-tracking.

In this article, we will look at how to figure out if your Facebook pixel is double-tracking and what you can do to improve the optimization to reduce this error.

How to know if your Facebook pixel has been over-tracking?

Most digital marketers struggle to get to the bottom of why their performance is fluctuating. Generally, it comes down to 3 possible issues:

● Market circumstance

● Poorly targeted or optimized

● The Facebook pixel tracking problem

Recently, many have noticed that when the pixel fires more than once for each action it can interrupt the customer journey data and lead to inaccuracy of data which may result in over-optimization of your campaigns.

To ensure that your website is displaying accurate information on the Facebook pixel, you can track the pixel’s activity with the help of a Google Chrome plugin called Facebook Pixel Helper.

If you notice a problem and would like to improve your campaign optimization without wasting time and money on ads with poor targeting, we have some tips for you.

Tips to tackle the Facebook over tracking problem for better ad optimization

1. Don’t optimize ads based on target ROAS

Most advertisers optimize ad sets that are below the targeted ROAS; this is where they go wrong.

If your ad sets are below the targeted average, it doesn’t mean that it is not performing well. Since there is a tracking issue on your Facebook pixel, the ROAS displayed may not be the actual one for your campaign.

So, avoid optimizing ads based on target ROAS.

2. Target optimizing ads based on average ROAS

If you see ad sets below average ROAS, start there and use average-based ad optimization. You can improve these ad sets by assuming over tracking uniformity across all of them.

This saves you from taking incorrect actions due to Facebook over tracking on ad sets that do hold a good potential.  

3. Leverage data science and automation

When you are trying to optimize your campaigns with many combinations, it can be a daunting task to do manually, especially when you need to examine more than just ten variables.

We at Alavi know this, which is why we developed a sophisticated algorithm that can calculate thousand combinations that will deliver recommendations for ad targeting. Hundreds of customers said that Alavi optimization reduced their optimization time by more than 60% and made all optimization actions data-driven.

Examining more than a thousand ad sets and their variables was no easy feat, but we did it all because we wanted to better our customers’ advertising experience by offering algorithms that helped streamline the optimization process so users could focus on what really matters— creating great ads.


Facebook is indeed an effective way to connect with your customers and stand out from the competition. If you can find a way to properly utilize the power of Facebook, your business can reap huge profits.

So, when it comes to optimizing your campaigns, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider to get top-notch results. In this blog post, we have discussed some of the common issues people have experienced with Facebook pixel tracking and how to prevent them.

If you are looking for data-driven optimization solutions, our experts at Alavi are here to help you.

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