Being data-driven has become as important as being “innovative”, “diverse”, and “socially responsible.” It has undoubtedly become one of the most admirable features of organizational culture, and an imperative feature of e-commerce brands. Major decisions, particularly those related to marketing and growth, can no longer be based on intuition. Evidence-based decision making is key, and for e-commerce and marketing teams, that means effectively understanding and analyzing vast amounts of data captured and stored in marketing and sales channels and other technologies. E-commerce and marketing leaders are now tasked with building teams that are data-driven and comfortable with utilizing data effectively to grow and scale online. 

Nonetheless for many companies, a strong, data-driven culture remains elusive, because many find it hard to build data-driven teams.  

To better understand how online brands can build data-oriented teams better, Alavi hosted a podcast on the topic “Building Data-Oriented Teams in E-Commerce Businesses” with Vrinda Aggarwal on 26 June 2021.

Vrinda Aggarwal is a marketing expert with more than 6 years of experience. She is best known for leveraging automation & data insights to personalize customer experience and drive revenue. She is currently the Associate Vice President of Marketing at IGP (Indian Gifts Portal) in India.

What you’ll learn from this podcast:  

  • What it means to be data-driven in today’s competitive e-commerce space, and how to apply data in your brand’s day-to-day marketing activities.
  • Essential skills and values data-driven leaders and teams need to have to succeed.
  • The steps brands like IGP have taken to ensure their teams are data-driven.  
  • How to overcome the challenges related to building data-driven teams.
  • How a data-driven culture helps online brands maintain growth and stability during business cycle fluctuations.
  • Technology that supports data-driven teams and online businesses.
  • Tips and strategies for small & medium scale businesses that working towards becoming data-driven online retailers.

See below for recording of the podcast!


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